Recently I was invited to do an interiors shoot for the St Giles Hotel, which is situated just off Tottenham Court Road.

The hotel is family run and its central location makes it ideal for tourists who want to see London’s main attractions and see shows on the West End. I photographed the newly refurbished lobby, which features work by the street artist, Pegasus, as well as the meeting rooms and bedrooms, some of which have fantastic views over London. With a large hotel shoot, it’s important to capture not only the style and space of the rooms but also the welcoming ambience.

For this project I had to be more selective in the framing of the shots, as using wider lenses meant that the feeling of warmth was lost a little. I used 24-105 LS and 35mm lenses and chose the elements of the shot carefully to convey the friendly atmosphere.

As in any business, photographers are always excited to learn something new while working on a project, and the St Giles Hotel shoot taught me a few things that I will be able to apply
to other jobs in the future. I’m really looking forward to developing my portfolio of interiors photography further.

Thank you to the staff at St Giles Hotel for their hospitality!