Charlotte King Photography

It’s been said time and again that a picture speaks a thousand words. But the right picture? That can tell an entire story.

Charlotte’s aim is to create more than simple photographers. Instead, Charlotte values the opportunity to support your business as a visual storyteller, capturing the essence of your values, your services, and your products in an engaging and contemporary style.

“Professional photography can help any business better connect with its customers. Engaging with your audience in a visual manner elicits an emotional response like no other medium. I aim to help any business achieve the impact they need to help develop their brand and establish an identity that really connects.” 

Charlotte King

Marketing and commercial photography services

Specialising in commercial photography, marketing assets, and natural lifestyle photography, Charlotte’s professional service enables you to develop a photographic library that effectively supports your marketing activity. In fact, quality marketing photography is fundamental to helping you establish your business identity, whether in print material, online, on social media, and even in internal communications.

Charlotte prides herself on offering a personal service to all clients. Whether it’s corporate photography, head shots, property, leisure, tourism, or any other industry, our creative, consultative approach means you can take advantage of a convenient and caring service.

Fast photographic service

Capturing the images for your business needs is just part of the process, and only part of the service included when working with Charlotte King Photography. With extensive experience in providing post-production, we can provide retouching services of the utmost quality.

Best of all, Charlotte guarantees a turnaround of just two days to deliver the full collection of images following completion of the photoshoot. You can even request immediate delivery if required for press and social media use.

Professional photography in London

From Charlotte’s base in Bromley, she is able to provide professional photography to businesses of all sizes across the South East. Whether you’re a hotel or a restaurant, a financial institution or a public sector authority, investing in the highest quality photography is essential to engaging with your audience.

To find out more about how Charlotte King Photography can help develop the visual assets you need for your business, contact us today by calling 020 3651 9363 or email info@charlottekingphotography.com. We’ll be delighted to discuss your requirements and help provide a detailed overview of the services provided.